We design successful products. And relationships.


CubeFire Design consists of the principal designer, Willy Yonkers and several outside associates who he works with to compliment his design, engineering, and SolidWorks expertise. Willy Yonkers has been practicing design in the Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Baltimore/Washington areas since 1999. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon Universities prestigious design program in 2002 and has worked for both in house and consultancy environments, along with contract work with DC museums and freelance projects for a number of clients.

Approach to design

CubeFire Design typically develops a product or system holistically, taking into account all aspects of mechanical geometry, user interaction, and surface styling as the design comes into focus through the use of 3D modeling software. Sketching, rendering, and physical prototyping are only used as a means to the end of creating solid forms which can be quickly taken to the manufacturing level.

Our solutions search out and fit the appropriate styling with each client's needs and use case scenarios to create desirable, functional objects which can be easily manufactured leveraging existing technologies. We have created everything from one-off prototypes and interactive museum models, to low run, high-tech, bench-made imaging systems, all the way up to mass produced toys which have sold well into the hundreds of thousands of units.

CubeFire Design is a passionate evangelist for advanced technology and cutting edge design which seeks to improve our physical world.