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Going beyond

In a field where designers often overlook the internal mechanical constraints of a device to focus solely on the most superficial aspects of styling from a single viewpoint, CubeFire Design takes a different approach. Developing a product from a blank Cartesian space instead of a single plane adds an entire dimension to the solutions and allows for quick output of multi-view renderings along with 3D printed rapid prototypes.


An intuitive knowledge of the 3D design software, SolidWorks, allows for rapid development and deployment of new concepts. Working from something as simple as a 3D surface sketch with superficial graphic details all the way up to a tool-ready CAD package with bill of materials, our proficiency is not easily matched.


With a background in industrial design and mechanical engineering, CubeFire Design can seamlessly integrate new designs with existing or constantly evolving mechanisms and systems. Our employees are named on several utility patents along with a number of design patents. This mechanical understanding has allowed us to cross culture and language barriers between designers and engineers in the states and overseas.


We have hands on experience creating prototypes using wood, foam, plastic, and metal. We've made RTV molds of SLA rapid prototypes, vacuum bagged carbon fiber composites, and created working mechanical models of complex systems. We will also take the time to use a hand carved block of foam to study the ergonomics of a hand grip to inform our 3D modeling design.